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Available Buddies

Don't see a buddy on our website that you saw on social media? That's okay! Not all buddies are listed based on timing, availability, and the high volume of applications received. You can still apply for a buddy not listed and inquire of availability.



Goodest Boy Oliver is believed to be a 2 year old hound mix. He is a total sweetheart who will be the perfect adventure buddy!  This lovable guy will keep up with people who love hiking, splashing in the creek, and taking trips out to the lake. He loves to run and play in the backyard and sunbathe with his humans when he needs a little break. He is crate trained and potty trained, and loves to wrestle with his foster dog siblings and gets along great with them. He is such a sweet pup and craves all the love and attention you can give him!

Oliver benefits from an active household with ample structured time for rest and relaxation.  He does very well in public with a conscientious handler and excels when being taught basic obedience and trick training commands.  He wants nothing more than to learn, explore, and love on his people and fur friends.




Stevie is a petite, spunky little girl!  She came to the rescue severely emaciated and a multitude of eye issues.  It took us a few months to get her up to a healthy weight and resolve her discomfort with optical surgery.

But now that we're here, at a whopping 23lbs, Stevie is medically cleared for adoption!  

This young lady is not afraid to tell you what she wants.  She loves all humans and would like someone to snuggle and lounge with on the couch.  It takes here a little while to warm up to other dogs, but once she does they become the best of friends.

She will need an adopter who will continue to help her build up her muscle strength, continue her routine of structure and predictable boundaries, and love her like no one has ever loved her before.  And good luck with that because her foster mom is obsessed with her. *wink* *wink*



Meet Noah!


Noah came into our rescue from South Carolina. He is a sweet little guy who can be nervous in new situations, but with a little love and reassurance he's discovering the world isn't such a scary place. He loves his doggie friends & looks to them for guidance.  Another dog in the home would be a great buddy for Noah, or someone who is eager to help him explore and learn the ropes of the good life. 


He loves to play with toys and is working hard on house training and crate training. Noah is looking for the perfect family with a little patience to help show him how great life can be!


Perry will be your best buddy and cuddle just as much as he wants to play! He's enjoyed hanging around with his doggy friends and exploring the world around him.  They love all dogs and people that they meet, and are great exploring buddies! 

Perry is doing great in his foster home learning the house rules and working hard on house-breaking and crate training.  We expect him to be medium-large once full grown and would fit in nicely with anyone who has an active lifestyle!




Oh this happy little lady, Charlotte. 

You want spunk? A ball of fun?  A pup who will provide endless entertainment and learn everything you can possibly teach her?  Charlotte is your girl!

She's ready for you to get out the toys, run with her around the neighborhood, and teach her fun tricks.  This little girl is going to make someone the perfect companion!


image2 (1).jpeg
image0 (1).jpeg

Meet Willie!

We can't even begin to tell you how much fun it is to watch Willy warm up in his foster home, learn to play, and explore his new world. 

We estimate Willy to be about 4-5 months old.  He's curious, but may still be a little shy and timid at times.  With each day that passes he gains just a little bit more confidence in himself and his surroundings.


We expect him to be medium sized when full grown and can't wait to find him the most perfect family to call his very own!

Check out our girl Rowan! 

This feisty little spicecake is full of personality.  You want fun, adorable, and a face that is too cute to behave?  You've found her. 

This girl is an All-American. She's courageous, loyal, wholesome, and full of life. 

Don't miss your chance to add this cute little potato to your family!





Goldie 1.jpg
Goldie 2.jpg
Goldie 3.jpg

Goldie has these mesmerizing icy blue eyes that are completely stunning when she's in the sunlight.  She's equal parts playful and relaxed and a total love muffin with her foster brothers.


We know there's a perfect family for this delightful little lady!

It's our Nessie girl!  This little love muffin is wide open!  She's adventurous, playful, and smart as a whip.  There's nothing that can slow her down!  

We believe her to be an Australian Shepherd mix and she's lives all those characteristics - highly intelligent, eager to please, devoted, playful, energetic, and wants to be in on the action.

Nessie will thrive in a home that gives her lots of structured exercise, wants to teach her all the tricks, and shows up every day for fun and games.  She's going to win you over with her smarts, her charming personality, and her overall exuberance.  Don't miss your chance to bring this stunning gal home!



If you need some joy in your life, Bob is your man!  This total charmer has everyone who meets him giggling nonstop.  He's playful, funny, and keeps you on your toes!  

In his foster home he's been enjoying the chaos of puppies coming and going and learning the ropes of how to be the best puppy a little boy can be. 

We're accepting applications now!  

Bob is of unknown breed and we expect him to be medium sized once full grown.  





Would you just LOOK at this GLOW UP!?

Proudly re-introducing Hayden.

He's a sweet natured, quirky little creature who life hadn't been very kind to.  He had one of the worst cases of demodex we've seen - cracked skin, bleeding scabs, and complete and total hairloss.  Demodex is easily prevented with routine monthly prevention, a clean environment, and nutritious food.  Hayden was getting none of that before he came into our rescue.

Most people shy away from a puppy that looked like a little gremlin, but they didn't realize what they were missing! This boy always has been handsome in our eyes, but we're very excited to see him feeling much better too!



What a journey this little lady has been on.  She's one of the lucky ones who left a crowded outdoor pen at Darlington County's open intake shelter because a foster said, "yes".  

Since coming back to Charlotte, Bexley learning to adjust to a new home environment.  She's gaining confidence, learning the boundaries, and spending her days exploring and navigating this new world. She enjoys the comforts of air conditioning and fluffly dog beds.  She is excited about feeding time, treats, and playing in the backyard.  

We don't know what breed mix Bexley is, but we assume she'll be somewhere in the smaller medium-ish size when full grown.



This little gal arrived pretty shy and timid.  While she's quiet now as she learns the ropes in her foster home, we expect her to get more and more comfortable every day.  Amelia is a petite lady.  At almost five months old she's still under 10 lbs so we expect her to be on the smaller side of medium once full grown.  Her breed mix is a complete mystery!

Stay tuned on our social media for more information on Amelia and her friends!

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