I’m Stephanie Matejovich, founder of Billie's Buddies. 


From the countless animals I had growing up, through my mom teaching me at a young age how to properly catch strays and find their owners, I’ve always had a passion (obsession) of putting animals above all else.


This passion continued when I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, volunteering for other rescues, and most importantly, taking in a boxer/pitbull stray, now named Billie. Bill immediately became my heart dog, helping me navigate a new city and assisting with the countless fosters we continued to bring in. 


Now, with two dogs, a rabbit, a horse, and a fiancé, I feel beyond lucky to take the next steps to accomplishing my dreams. Thank you so much for your support; I cannot wait to see where Billie’s Buddies takes us! 

Hi, I’m Billie!


Most people call me Bill. I’m a boxer/pit/lab mix who was left on the side of the road at 6 months old, where my mom ultimately found me. I had horrible separation anxiety, however my mom didn’t give up on me and now I want to help other buddies find humans that won’t give up on them! My favorite activities are sunbathing, swimming, and playing with puppies. 

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