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7 weeks ago, we saw this little puppy curled up terrified in the corner of a shelter run. Though still a little nervous, he is quick and eager to warm up to new humans, and is a confident man on the leash! 
16 weeks old, breed unknown but assumed to be medium in size, Jackson has become the most curious guy! He loves going around town with his fosters and is the most confident and happiest playing with other pups. 

Available Buddies


Urban is under a year old, low riding bully breed mix! He was completely shut down in the shelter, however blossomed quickly once in a foster home and now warms up in all new environments.


Urban is a mainly chill guy, gets along great with dogs, and loves lounging around the house. 


Tess was pulled from a rural shelter as a young, extremely pregnant, shy pup. She is absolutely as sweet as can be, dog friendly, and gave birth to three beautiful girls on 11/16/21.

Tess's pups have now all been adopted, and Tess has started her Heartworm Treatment. Once Tess has completed treatment, she will be adoptable!

Coconut Retreivers


Coconut retriever is the name for an island dog! St. Thomas was in urgent need of help as their shelter was overflowing and a lot of pups were at risk. Billie's Buddies worked with Caribbean Canine Connection Pets with Wings St T, and Humane Society of St Thomas by sending them on a flight with incredible volunteers traveling back from their vacation to Charlotte.


Penelope - 3 months - playful girl assumed to be medium, in size

BB Puppies









Puppies who found themselves found themselves in various shelters. They are learning all the puppy things in foster homes with other dogs and are energetic social pups looking for a forever home!

Palmer - 3 months - female

Cory - 8 weeks - male

Topanga - 8 weeks - female



We got a call for help from a shelter about a very shut down guy who was running out of time. 
Since leaving the shelter, Aspen was renamed to Charlie, and his foster has been working very slowly with him to get him to trust humans and her dog. He is especially afraid of men.
Charlie is looking for the perfect home with a fenced in yard and adopters who understand his fears. He is the perfect house gentleman - silent in the crate, lounges on the couch. Once he trusts his one person, he will follow them anywhere. He is extremely afraid of men, however there isn't an aggressive bone in his body. With the amount of love in Charlie’s eyes, I’m confident he will come around and make someone the luckiest adopter!