This low riding bully mix is about 4 years old and a sweet and loving girl who doesn’t know a stranger. She’s been so friendly to everyone she’s met, both kids and adults. She is mostly house trained and crate trained, she’s very content and quiet in her crate while we’re home and away. She loves to chew on a bone and play tug. Though Nyla has never met a stranger, she would do best in a home with either no other pets or dogs who are slightly bigger than her purely due to her being a happy, energetic jumping bean still learning what personal space means! We wouldn’t want her bursts of energy to knock down or upset another dog in the home. She needs someone who will keep up with her training and continue to work with her on her impulse control and her leash manners.

Available Buddies

I met Sparky while volunteering at Montgomery shelter and immediately fell in love with him. When a week later he ended up on the euthanasia list, I knew we had to save him. When we got home, I instantly noticed something didn’t seem right. Sparky had an extreme head tilt, seemed unsteady on his feet, and had moments where he would lose control of his hind end and fall over. (See the last three videos for some examples)

Our amazing vet agreed to see Sparky right away, and while he mostly checked the box for a clean bill of health, we also confirmed that he has something neurological going on. He will be on medication this month as we figure out what Sparky needs both short term and long term, and monitor his symptoms as we make future vet and specialist appointments.

BB Puppies







Puppies who found themselves found themselves in various shelters. They are learning all the puppy things in foster homes with other dogs and are energetic social pups looking for a forever home!

Dixie - Mixed breed medium size - 4 months - female

Chloe & Delilah - Potcakes - 3 months - nervous to start but warm up quickly, assumed to be medium in size



We got a call for help from a shelter about a very shut down guy who was running out of time. 
Since leaving the shelter, Aspen was renamed to Charlie, and his foster has been working very slowly with him to get him to trust humans and her dog. He is especially afraid of men.
Charlie is looking for the perfect home with a fenced in yard and adopters who understand his fears. He is the perfect house gentleman - silent in the crate, lounges on the couch. Once he trusts his one person, he will follow them anywhere. He is extremely afraid of men, however there isn't an aggressive bone in his body. With the amount of love in Charlie’s eyes, I’m confident he will come around and make someone the luckiest adopter!