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Available Buddies

Don't see a buddy on our website that you saw on social media? That's okay! Not all buddies are listed based on timing, availability, and the high volume of applications received. You can still apply for a buddy not listed and inquire of availability.





Rey is a sweet older lady looking for her forever home. She had a rough past but she is blossoming with the proper care and love. Her favorite hobbies include sunbathing and napping. She LOVES to be outside and explore the yard, she would stay out all day if she could. She also is very people friendly and has loved everyone she has met. She’s learning to play fetch and tug and just how to be a dog!
She is selective about the dogs she meets but has been going to training classes to practice being around groups of dogs. While she is selective, we know that with slow and proper introductions she can live peacefully in a home with another dog. (As she is doing now with her foster brother). Then as an added bonus, we know she is cat friendly!
She’s a smart girl who has picked up quickly on training, she knows, sit, down, place, leave it, touch, and even spin and crawl. We’re continuing to work on heel and improve her leash manners.

Buck is a 1 year old low rider (around 35 lbs) who left the shelter completely terrified and afraid of humans. With a lot of love and time adjusting, Buck is figuring out the world around him and, while still a little nervous, he's slowly warming up to new people and spending lots of time cuddling with his foster mom.  

BB Puppies













Puppies who found themselves in various shelters, born in unfortunate circumstances. We spend time helping them learn all of the puppy things in foster homes with other dogs, continuing their potty training, crate training, and socialization. All puppies require continuous training and are a lifelong commitment. 

Astra - 3 months old - girl - medium/large breed

Peanut - 2 months old - medium breed

Chestnut - 2 months old - medium breed

Bird - 2.5 months old - girl - medium breed

Palmer - 2.5 months old - medium breed

River - 3 months old - girl - medium breed



If you are looking for a new best friend with a side of derp, Dodger is your boy! I mean, look at those ears! He is very sociable at home but big crowds make him nervous. He is super curious and treat motivated. Favorite activities include chewing on his toys and his foster siblings tail, following us from room to room and snuggling (once he is tired). He has made great strides in potty training, only the occasional accident now. He does not love his crate but we are working on making sure he knows it’s a positive safe place.



Trooper is a 1 year old old cream pit mix with tan ears and a tan butt! He was found as a stray and after a few months in foster care has gradually gained weight to be the healthy boy he is today! He is crate, house and potty trained. He absolutely loves people and is very dog friendly. He especially loves playing with his foster brother and would play all day if he could. He is slowly winning over his foster sister little by little but he’s learned the ins and outs of very different personality types, who he can play with and who would prefer to be left alone. Because Trooper enjoys playing so much, he can get a little out of hand, rough/vocal, therefore I recommend controlled playtime with limited toys while he’s continuing to learn dos and don'ts to avoid bad habits from forming.
He is extremely food/treat motivated and very eager to please. He knows sit, down, no, leave it and we are also working on look at me and heel during our strolls.
He would do best in an environment that continues to teach him routine and structure.



Adopt Simba! 

This cute guy with the biggest ears is ready for his forever home.  He's had an incredible transformation from entering our rescue as a terrified, feral dog, to now living life as a sweet cuddle monster!  This shepherd mix just celebrated his first birthday and is 44lbs of pure love.  He's super smart and learned so much in the last few months - this dude is potty trained, crate trained, and consistent with basic obedience commands (sit, down). His favorite things are cuddles, toys, and occasionally stealing your socks!  He loves going places, practicing his tricks, playing fetch, and taking long walks in the neighborhood.  Someone is about to hit the lottery with him - Simba will be the perfect addition to any family.  It's no secret we will always be proud of how far this boy has come from starting out untouchable in the shelter to now trusting all people with an open heart.



Matilda Sit
Matilda Couch

Matilda (mom of the "M" litter was fending for herself and all her puppies for weeks until animal control helped get her to safety and ultimately to our rescue.  
Matilda longs for the comfort and security of a home that offers her a chance to adjust to a new environment and open up her heart to receiving love and human affection. Her eyes will truly melt your heart - they've seen so much. 

Her foster describes her as sweet natured and extra snuggly.  She's also very smart, knows what she wants, and very loyal to the humans she trusts.


Dodger 2.jpg


Fez Sit
Fez Down
Fez & Foster Sib

Ferdinand, affectionately nicknamed Fez, has fully stolen the hearts of his fosters and everyone who surrounds him. Ferdinand needed a another chance.  He was bounced between shelters and rescues and adopters and given up on more times than we can count.  But our friends at The Woofpack NC said not this time.  He's not going to be failed again before he's been given a true chance that offers him the patience, the love, the attention, and the commitment that he deserves.  Fez thrives off a structured environment.  It's no secret that he's dealt with major separation anxiety, but can you blame him?  We can't, and we haven't.  Instead we've consulted with experts, taken chances with innovative training methods, and we've invested the time and the energy into ensuring he can reach his potential and coexist peacefully and anxiety free in a home where he has owners who will afford him the patience, the dedication, and the structure he needs to thrive.  If they do - he'll be the silliest, playfullest, most adoring dog that has ever lived.


Mags BB.jpg

This (almost) four month old sweetheart is a lover of dogs and humans. She’s happiest playing with her big foster brother or snuggling with her humans on the couch. She is on her way to being crate trained and is progressing with potty training. She loves to be praised and chews on toys or bones in downtime. She is very food motivated and runs full speed into her crate at meal time. She is fearless and spunky. She follows her big foster brother wherever, to steal his toys or pounce on him when playing even though he’s 5x her size. If getting into anything she shouldn’t she responds/stops when told no, as she wants to please and have praise. Overall she will make a great companion and would likely get a long great with other furry friends or humans that provide lots of love and attention!

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