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Available Buddies

Don't see a buddy on our website that you saw on social media? That's okay! Not all buddies are listed based on timing, availability, and the high volume of applications received. You can still apply for a buddy not listed and inquire of availability.





Rey is a sweet older lady looking for her forever home. She had a rough past but she is blossoming with the proper care and love. Her favorite hobbies include sunbathing and napping. She LOVES to be outside and explore the yard, she would stay out all day if she could. She also is very people friendly and has loved everyone she has met. She’s learning to play fetch and tug and just how to be a dog!
She is selective about the dogs she meets but has been going to training classes to practice being around groups of dogs. While she is selective, we know that with slow and proper introductions she can live peacefully in a home with another dog. (As she is doing now with her foster brother). Then as an added bonus, we know she is cat friendly!
She’s a smart girl who has picked up quickly on training, she knows, sit, down, place, leave it, touch, and even spin and crawl. We’re continuing to work on heel and improve her leash manners.

Miss Mabel won over our hearts when we met her at the Chester County Animal Shelter.  She was timid and hiding in the back of her kennel, but once we got her out in the open she showed us just how sweet she can be.  It was a no brainer.  This girl was coming with us!  Mabel is through her puppy stage and has blossomed into a sweet, courageous, loving dog who enjoys her canine foster siblings and sharing snuggles on the couch.

From the 100 Acre Woods



"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."

This litter of pups is entirely too much fun.  They've shown us how resilient they are at such a young age.  They make friends easily - both human and animal alike, and they are playful, snuggly, and ready for all the life lessons they'll learn from their new families as they continue to grow and explore the world around them.  If you're interested in meeting of of the characters from the 100 Acre Farm, fill out an application today!



If you are looking for a new best friend with a side of derp, Dodger is your boy! I mean, look at those ears! He is very sociable at home but big crowds make him nervous. He is super curious and treat motivated. Favorite activities include chewing on his toys and his foster siblings tail, following us from room to room and snuggling (once he is tired). He has made great strides in potty training, only the occasional accident now. He does not love his crate but we are working on making sure he knows it’s a positive safe place.



Oliver is a two year old hound boy who was found as a stray with frayed twine wrapped around his neck and chest.  Underneath his fluff, he came to us underweight, but has been eating healthy meals and gradually gaining weight.  With a lot of love, structure, routine, and patience, Oliver has confidently found happiness and joy - a big upgrade from his initial fears of being in a home.  Oliver has wonderful dog friend social skills and is ready to find his forever family!




Meet Stella

This 3 month old plott hound mix is a parvo survivor! She has fully recovered and built back her strength.


She’s an absolute gem with crate training, potty training, and warming up to new human and dog friends. Her favorite activity includes being held like a baby for ultimate cuddles.

Stella would enjoy an active household and someone who will keep her brain working and her mind engaged!



Alvin (Coming Soon!) 

This sweet ol' senior boy came from an overcrowded shelter where some dog runs were packed with 4-5 dogs per kennel.  Since his time with us in foster care he's proven to be a relatively calm, relaxed, good boy.  

He's currently in the stage of rest as he undergoes treatment for heartworm, disease.    But he has been a super star and as we've been getting him healthy, and in the best hands with our trusted vet!

Stay tuned to come on more for sweet Alvin.


Dodger 2.jpg



Our sweet girl Tiegen.  She's kinda timid, a little shy, but this five month old is as sweet as they come.  

Tiegen and her brother sat for months in a rural shelter - and it is completely baffling because the second you see her the first thing you'll notice is the most perfect, most amazing, most adorable underbitein the whole entire world.  How anyone could walk past her keenel still shocks us.  But lucky for us we get to find her the best family ever who will appreciate her for everything she is and make sure she lives a wonderful life from here on out.




bentley and friends.jpg

Meet Bentley, a 3-4 month old hound mix who is looking for his forever home! Bentley is a chill, independent little dude who loves to play and explore his surroundings. He has a laid-back personality and enjoys spending his days lounging in the sun or cuddling up on a cozy blanket. Bentley is a smart pup who is already learning basic commands like "sit" and "down". Bentley would benefit from continued training and socialization to help him grow into a well-behaved and confident adult dog. Although Bentley is an independent pup, he also loves to be around people and other dogs. Bentley would also be a great companion for someone who enjoys outdoor activities like hiking or running. If you are looking for a loyal and loving companion, Bentley might be the perfect fit for you! Apply today!

Mickey's Clubhouse






donald duck.jpg







Meeska! Mooska! Mickey Mouse!

The fluff!  The faces! We just can't get over how precious and adorable these siblings are.  We were able to help a very crowded shelter by bringing them into our rescue and they absolutely couldn't be more adorable.  As for their breed - we just don't know.  We expect them to be medium/large when full grown and like all puppies they will need devoted and dedicated adoptive families who want to give them the best lives forever and ever.  If you're interested in meeting one of the members of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, fill out an adoption application today!

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