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These photos are about as cute as it gets and could blend in with any sale ad you might see for this breed.

But the photos from behind the scenes are frightening.

This malnourished mama, now known as Addie, was done being bred and discarded, from her breeder.

Her and her 10 puppies were living in the conditions you can see - her tied up, dirt floors, safety hazards all around. Multiple puppies had infected wounds that were never attended to, and at 4 weeks old the pups and their mom were finally surrendered to rescue.

We teamed up with @projectsafepetsc and officially brought mama Addie and 5 of her puppies into Billie’s Buddies where we will get them all ready to go for adoption once they are age appropriate and healthy. The other 5 puppies are being taken care of by PSP till their transport to a rescue up north.

Let this family be your reminder the next time you see fancy photos of puppies for sale, that not everything is always as it seems.

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