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How Amazon's Super Bowl Commercial Missed the Mark

The Amazon Super Bowl commercial really missed the mark on several levels.

Do not get a new dog FOR your current dog.

Get a second dog because your first dog’s needs are currently being met.

Get a second dog because you are ready to commit to them, individually, and commit to creating a safe multi-dog house hold.

Adding a new dog to your home does not guarantee they are best friends for life. And it certainly does not resolve any necessary training your first dog needs.

Multi-dog homes mean advocating for EVERY dog’s needs on an individual level, including creating a safe environment for them, proper training based on each dog, and providing each dog the individual time they deserve.

And it absolutely means not giving up on any of them when things get tough down the road. As dogs age, their relationship preferences and behavioral responses also change, and being prepared to address these individual needs is a lifelong commitment you sign up for when getting a new pet.

If you are considering adding a second dog to your family, think about what your reasons are for adding this new family member. Always make sure your current dog’s needs are met, and that you’re ready to alter your lifestyle to fully commit to a multi-dog household. Double the dog, double the work.

What Amazon needed to highlight in this commercial is the lack of fulfillment that dog is receiving likely resulting in his destructive behaviors and separation anxiety. What this pup needs instead of a new dog friend is his owners commitment to addressing those needs, and some crate training!

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