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Let's talk teenagers!

Inspired by my angel puppy turned bull in a china shop, Myles.

If you’ve interviewed with BB or have talked to me about getting a dog in general, it’s no secret that I harp on the teenager phase! The ages of 1-3 are typically the most challenging for dog owners. Yes puppy training is the more obvious - potty training, crate training, sit, leave it. But one day you’ll blink and your puppy is suddenly larger, stronger, and more independent.

Though they know a command, you may see them hesitate and think about whether or not they actually want to do it. Had free roam their whole puppyhood? Of course they’ll rebel when you want to set a boundary or crate them. Never taught to walk nicely on a leash? Instead of a cute puppy tugging you down the sidewalk, now we have a 60lbs dog never taught otherwise.

This is where the puppy training and your consistency as an owner comes in play - most dogs thrive on a consistent daily structured life.

Teach basic obedience and never stop practicing.

“Place” will be your best friend.

Crate. Your. Dog.

And of course, find a trainer you trust to help you along the way. ESPECIALLY if you plan on using any training tools.

Today's cute puppies are often the obnoxious teenagers surrendered at overfilled shelters because those naughty habits got bigger and much more challenging.

There may be times you get frustrated with your big rambunctious pup (Myles is on a week long streak), however it is our responsibility as dog owners to set them up for success. Once you do that, the bond that is formed is irreplaceable.

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