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Why can't I adopt that puppy now?

“When can I adopt that pup?” “Why can’t I have the pup sooner?”

These are two question we hear often, and it’s important to know that each rescue may have a different answer for this.

BB keeps new intake in rescue for a minimum of two weeks. During this time, we are allowing the animal to decompress so we can get the best possible understanding of their temperament, as well as having them vetted, vaccinated, and treated for anything you might not notice right away.

“But it’s a perfectly healthy looking puppy with a great temperament…”

That might be the case! But some medical problems might not be apparent the first few days, so we will spend this time having them vetted and begin proper socialization, crate training, etc. Plus, you should NEVER get a puppy younger than 8 weeks old.

“But the sooner they’re adopted, the sooner you can save another.”

While that is true, rescue doesn’t end once a dog is adopted. Rescue is being an advocate for that animal for their entire life.

So when can you bring your new rescue pup home? Our answer will always be when the pup is ready both medically and emotionally, and finds their perfect match to set them up for the most successful future possible.

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